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Advertising in a combination of the Winestate magazine and website is a great way to be noticed. We have competitive packages available. 

Tailor made packages can be based on impressions (number of times viewed), click-throughs and location within the site & magazine. High traffic areas, such as the publicly available tasting notes, and /or more niche areas such as members-only content allow for a targeted selling messages to be catered for.


Please contact our friendly sales staff to discuss your needs using the online form, or telephone for an appointment.


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In 1978 when Winestate Magazine began it was to set the benchmark for other industry publications to try and match.

Twenty six years on , many of those other publications have been and gone while Winestate has remained and is the leading independent Wine Magazine in Australia .

Going back a quarter of a century, Australia had 171 wine and brandy producers. It was not impossible for a serious taster to get to know most of them. Today, Australia has more than 1,800 wineries. That's more than ten times as many. This is why we at Winestate Publishing employ informative quality journalists and feature columnists who are knowledgeable in the goings on of each particular wine region. T hey give our publications an array of credible and interesting articles on upcoming events, personality profiles, new and old wineries, cellar doors and restaurants and other interesting and informative topics all in an easy to read format.

We have a number of different publications particularly tailored to suit different market segments:

  • Winestate Magazine
  • The Wine & Spirit Insider

Why Winestate

Winestate magazine allows you to directly target your preferred customers, especially customers that are difficult to reach any other way.

  • Number ONE Wine Magazine around the country.
  • Impressive heritage, over 30 years.
  • Largest independent tasting of Australian & New Zealand Wines in the world, over 10,000 each year.

Winestate is value for money because it targets people with an existing passion for wine, as well as newcomers & all those with a need for the entire experience encompassing food, wine and the local ambience of a region.

Winestate's strong association with winemakers across the country and overseas gives us the background necessary to provide a proactive and professional service in promoting wines on a larger stage , influencing those buyers interested in trying wines from emerging markets.

Those engaged in the hospitality industry are avid readers of Winestate . T hey use the magazine for their buying decisions and are great influencers in buying trends.

Winestate has the market credentials by involving itself in most aspects of the wine industry from production to tourism, and offer s the most comprehensive buying guide to Australian wine. All of these combine d create a most effective & efficient advertising tool.

Regardless of when you advertise in Winestate , it delivers a niche market of affluent readers who appreciate the magazines editorial and advertising content and have the purchasing power to go out and buy what they choose. They are the influencers within their peer groups.

You can be sure your advertisement has been exposed to a five star premium quality reader.

Readership Winestate Magazine

Winestate has a national circulation base of 25,000 with an estimated readership over 100,000. Sold at news stands, bookstores, liquor stores and by subscription, Winestate 's sales concentration is in the larger cities and their high-income suburbs.

Winestate readers are influencers within their peer groups; as such the magazine impacts on a wide-ranging audience. Particular areas of influence include wine buyers, wine investment, wine tourism and the restaurant scene.

Our readers are intelligent men and women with a social and family life interest. They range from collectors to novices and the wine industry in general who want to have wine recommendations at their fingertips. They require one magazine that will give them all the information and advise they need to make purchasing decisions. Winestate offers the latest in wine reviews so that the readers can purchase with confidence products in the saturated marketplace today. The readership also has a trade segment that includes hospitality, restaurateurs and the wine trade. This is re-enforced in the magazine with our regular "Grapevine" feature. "Grapevine" discusses the hospitality scene nationally. Winestate's regular features attract a dedicated audience each issue.

Winestate's Wine of the Year Awards and Annual editions prove to be very popular because of the published award winners, the Annual edition also publishes every wine, spirit and beer tasted and reviewed during the year.

The Wine & Spirit Insider

To compliment Winestate magazine, there is The Wine & Spirit Insider magazine. This magazine is a supplement to Winestate that features different alcoholic product and advertorial promotions.  

This magazine is distributed at no charge to major liquor retailers across Australia such as Liquorland, Vintage Cellars, Liquor King and bottle shops.

The Wine & Spirit Insider is used nationally as a friendly, uncomplicated reference for consumers who are experimenting and want to know about new wines and as a price point guide. It is also read and used by the employees of bottle shops to keep up with new releases of wine, beer and spirits.

Regular Sections.

  • Top 40 Wines under $15.
  • New Releases
  • Whiskies of the World
  • Brandy, Cognac & Armagnac  
  • White Spirits  
  • The Beer Issue

It is THE point-of-sale vehicle.


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