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Covering nearly all the points of the compass - we taste the Best the West, Adelaide Hills, Central & Western NSW, North Island (NZ) and a specialty tasting of South African wines. Then sit back and relax with a sweet white & fortified or new release. It's a vinous tour without leaving your armchair!

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You can now get a digital version of Winestate delivered to your computer as soon as it hits the stands.

So why choose digital? You can flick through the pages just like the printed edition and access your copy whilst on the move anywhere in the world.

It also contains hyperlinks that you can click on and be redirected to a website of interest. For example, you see a wine that you like that was awarded five stars, you click on the link to the winery and away you go.

It's also peace of mind for the eco-friendly as it saves trees!

Available from the September/October 2009 edition onwards.

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